Hola! I miss Holy Trinity so much. I am doing great in my Spanish class, thanks to all we learned last year. It really helped. I just wanted to say hi to all of my favorite teachers from HTS. Tengo un buen dia! Adios!
-Juliana Grimm

“I love that I can send my daughter to the same school where my brother and I received a top-notch education rooted in Catholic values. The teachers’ joy and passion for learning translates into long-term success for all students, and it is a privilege to be a part of the H.T.S. family.”
-Rachael Wallover

“I love how Holy Trinity shaped me to this point where I am. I have gotten high honors and an academic achievement award from P.A.H.L which I can completely credit Holy Trinity for. The interactiveness of the school and new approach to learning makes me love this school as well as the Catholic education I’m receiving. I am also grateful I can speak about God freely. These are just some of the many reasons I love H.T.S.”
-Ian L.

“… the ski trip which you go to Seven Spring for the whole day. Also I like the teachers and students are very nice and welcoming.”
-Nick DiPerna

“… that the teachers will teach you for the upcoming grades ahead of you. One of my favorite field trips was the ski trip because you get to hang out with your friends and all of us bonded. Every year the teachers make it a fun way to learn new things.”
-Isabelle Kulak

“There are a lot of kids. I have made a lot of friends. I can not wait for next year.”
-Joe Ruscoe

“… hanging out with my friends and I like our field trips we go on. When you’re in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade you get to go to Seven Springs to ski and also when you’re in seventh you go to the Strip District. When you’re in 8th you go to Washington, D.C.”
-Andrew Marcello

“… our friendly, welcoming students… the middle school ski trip… my friends: hanging out with them in school as well as outside school… the caring and encouraging teachers… the fun experiences on field trips.. all of the exciting science experiments we do once a week, and being able to attend mass.”

“… the sports. The coaches are extremely positive and helpful. I also like the kind but challenging teachers. One of my favorite tings about Holy Trinity is the annual middle school ski trip. You get to skip a day of school in winter and go to Seven Springs with your friends.”
-Proud 7th Grader

“… technology and ski trip. The school is one of the most technologically advanced Catholic schools in our diocese. Every class has a Smartboard, and 7th and 8th grade have Samsung tablets. The ski trip to Seven Springs for middle school is the most fun I have ever had.”
-Proud 7th Grader

“… the ski trip, recess before lunch, school food, lunch being early in the morning, beginning of the year demerit-free recess.”

“I like the teachers; they are very caring and understanding. If you were to ever have a problem, they are someone you could talk to. Also, you get to have fun. The middle school gets to go on a ski trip, and the 8th grade goes to Washington, D.C.”
-Andrew F.

“… the ski trips because you get to skip school and ski all day long. I get to hang out with my friends and go down the slopes with them. Another thing I like about school is recess. We get to have a break and go outside and play games.”
-Connor Bridges

“… the ski trip. The ski trip is for middle school only. It is all day and a bunch of fun. We have a good lunch and recess. We learn a lot about the Catholic faith. The teachers are kind. You would love it here.”
-Cam H.

“… the ski trip because I got the have fun and hang out with my old friends and make some new friends. I also like the field trips because we can bond with our fellow peers and teachers.”

“I love hanging out with all of my friends. I like going to lunch and recess. This year I like that we don’t have to change for gym class. I like playing review games in class. These are some things I like about H.T.S.”
-Mason Moore

“… the priests, the teachers, and the staff. I also like the lunch menu.”

“I personally like wearing uniforms to school everyday. I also like learning about Jesus Christ. Another thing I like about Holy Trinity is getting to see all my friends. In addition to these, I also like having smaller classes / grades because we can really get to know everybody. The fields trips are also very fun!”
-Kennedy W., 7th grade

“I like the musical. Also, I like the ski trip. Lastly, I like the classrooms.”

“The things I like about Holy Trinity are great teachers, fun classes, and really cool field trips.”
-Braehm Brown

“… the teachers and the students. Both the teachers and the students are very nice. The activities they have are really fun like academic team, cross country, and basketball.”
-Anthony C.

“… the sports. I like to play basketball here. I also love to go on the ski trip to Seven Springs. You can ski or snow tube with your friends. I also like the math academics at Holy Trinity.”

“Some things I like about Holy Trinity are the field trips and the clubs / activities. The field trips are very fun and we usually go on at least one every year. Last year we went on the Ducky Tour and the ski trip. This year we are going to the Strip District.”

“Some things I like about Holy Trinity are the fun trips we take like the ski trip. They give you an amazing education that prepares you very well for high school or college.”
-Joseph R.

“… that you are always included. I also enjoy the fact that the teachers are all kind, and also that they enjoy to incorporate humor. I enjoy the field trips because they are always fun. For example, in 6th grade we went to the zoo and the middle school trip to Seven Springs to ski with all of your friends.”
-Cheyenne G.

“… the ski trip in February… the field trips every year.”

“… that we learn a lot about God. I also like that we go on fun field trips like the ski trip and the Ducky boats.”

“The teachers and students are very nice. I heard that in the winter we all go on a ski trip to Seven Springs. I love how we can go outside for recess. At my old school we had to stay in for recess. I love all the new friends I’m making.”
-Patrick Forster

“… the teachers. I enjoy the excelled curriculum and classes. I like A.R. reading. I love the ski trip and other field trips we go to.”
-Renee L.

“One thing that I like about the school is when the middle school went to the Latin Mass. I thought it was a very great experience for everyone. Another thing that I like about the school is when we got to go on the ski trip.”

“1) The fact that it got me this far. 2) The fact that it’s a Catholic school. 3) The fact that it helped me get friends.”
-Gabe Miller

“… the nice friends that are here! The nice teachers who teach us! This school is great because we go to church and take the Eucharist. We have fun during class and lunch.”
-Natalee S.

“My daughter has attended HTS for 5 years now and there is no place she or I would rather she be enrolled. Every teacher she’s had has helped her grow and efficiently prepare for the subsequent year. The staff is very supportive and accommodating. The curriculum is challenging and engaging. The extracurriculars are vast and affordable. All while maintaining a safe, friendly, positive environment. I highly recommend Holy Trinity Catholic School to give your children a solid foundation for life and learning.”
-Jessica Miller

After graduating from Holy Trinity in 2009, the skills I have obtained in the classroom and outside in the world have led me to a series of higher learning at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School, and now Waynesburg University, where I am pursuing a degree in business. Holy Trinity helped me grow as an individual and they've helped shape me into the man I am today. This school is more than just a place for learning, but a lifetime relationship with God. Holy Trinity is a place where kids can expect to feel love from their neighbor and experience kindness all throughout the Holy Trinity family. I am honored to have been apart of such a great school and I will always remember the days I spent at this school.
—Former Student

The teachers are so so nice and very welcoming.  We get great class encouragement from our peers.  There is an amazing academic program as well as sports and the fine arts.  It's a good environment to be in.
—Hallie B. (8)

The teachers are very nice and understanding and everyone cares about each other and loves each other as God's children.
—Alexis Nagel (8)

We always seem to get along even through hard times.  When one of us is having a bad day, we support each other.  I've made friends that I know I'll be friends with for a very long time.
—Anela B. (8)

I like that all the teachers are very nice and can help you with whatever you need.  I like how all the people you meet are friendly and can help you if you need help.  You also get a good education with Nooks to read and new text books.
—Anonymous (8)

The teachers are so encouraging and caring.  They are always pushing you to do better, but in a good way.  When you have a question, the teachers always have the answer.  You can't get many better teachers than that.
—Andrew Feeley (6)

I love my science classes because I can show what I know and still learn.  I especially thank the middle school teachers and the 4th and 5th grade teachers for getting me ready for my dream job (professor of science) and life.
—Ian Lecker (6)

Our teachers are very nice.  We learn a lot.  The kids are really nice.  Really good school lunches.
—Cameron Hurwitz (6)

Holy Trinity offers a learning environment that includes God and morals as part of the daily curriculum.  It offers an opportunity for parents to be a part of the learning experience as well as the school day with volunteer opportunities.  It also provides teachers who are here for the love of teaching.
—Smith Family

Holy Trinity is a wonderful school.  We are so happy that we found a school where the Catholic values we teach at home are an important part of our son's learning process.  Every teacher we have met has been kind, genuine and excited to help our son learn and grow.
—Dave and Kristin Thomas  

Aside from the stellar learning environment that my daughter experiences, I truly love that at Holy Trinity there is such a focus on teaching children to treat everyone with kindness and respect.
—Kristen Nickolas — Proud 2nd grade mom

Mrs. Stevenson is the best principal ever!  She is there every morning to greet the students with a smile.  She sets the tone for everyone.  The teachers are very dedicated to the students.  The staff is great.  The church (Father Ken and clergy) is there and the children go to church and learn our religion.
—Mr. and Mrs. Gerbini

Holy Trinity teachers are the most caring inspiring educators I have seen at the elementary and middle school levels.  They have the ability to motivate, nurture, and promote learning in a safe, faith-based environment.
—Megan Toomey Mickle and Family

I really like the teachers and kids because they are all helpful, nice, and funny.  It's a very good school.

What I like about Holy Trinity is the friendly and helpful teachers that really care about me.  Where I can see my best friends since preschool.  There are a lot of fun things to do after school, such as sports, clubs, and the school play.
—Susan B.

I like my peers because they are nice to me and help me.  The teachers are friendly and take time to help me if I need it.

What I like about HTS is the classmates, the teachers, the sports, the clubs, the activities, Mr. Betten, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Codori, the specials, that we go to Mass every week, the technology, and our Nooks

I like the teachers, especially Mrs. Smith.  She is an awesome teacher.

Some of the teachers are nice!  Nice friends.  Mr. Betten is awesome!  You know everyone in the school.  They give you a lot of attention and opportunities.  Mrs. Smith is nice too.  We also get Nooks!

Holy Trinity has good sports programs and good coaches.  Our science and social studies books have a lot of information.  We get Nooks and there's a Canevin program for smart people.

What I like about Holy Trinity is the smartboards, time to do homework at recess when I want to, and the books in the library were good
—Kateri S.

I like student council, the school musicals, computer class, the middle school teachers, and volleyball.

What I like about Holy Trinity is new Nooks that are touch screens, the good middle school social studies teacher (Mr. Betten), teachers that are loving and comforting, and good lunches.

Things I like about Holy Trinity:  I like lots of work to prepare us for high school.  I like lots of great friends.
—Braehm Brown

Holy Trinity is special because of the nice teachers who care for me, the fun and challenging classes, seeing my friends almost every day and our very kind principal!

All of the staff and teachers are very nice and they teach us a lot.  Everyone is accepted no matter how you dress, speak, or act.  Everyone is friends.
—Kennedy Walsh (6B)

One thing I like about Holy Trinity is that I am always challenged.
—Tony Cicchino

What I love about Holy Trinity is the dedication to excellence and commitment to Catholic principles.
—Chris Smith

We appreciate the safe and positive environment of Holy Trinity School for our children.  They enjoy the relationships they have built here, while making great academic progress.
—Strub Family