Building Security

Holy Trinity recently completed a $40,000 upgrade to improve our school’s security, safety, and ADA compliance.

Some of the project’s highlights included -

  1. Replacement of all classroom light duty “residential” locksets with Class II heavy duty Commercial locksets with ADA “clutch” levers. The “clutch” feature allows the lever to turn if entry is attempted using a heavy object to smash the lock, but it will not open the door. The lockset (besides being secured with traditional screws) also is strengthened through the use of two “through posts”. Teachers can choose to use additional security for their classroom by using the pushbutton feature which will always keep the classroom door locked and will always require a key to gain entrance.
  2. Installation of “protector” plates for each classroom which have door latches exposed to the hall. These plates are strengthened with “through posts” and prevent the use of screwdrivers and pry bars to trip the latch and gain entry to the classroom. Several of these plates had to be custom made because of the “unique” door frame construction in the school.
  3. All classrooms have been individually “keyed” for security reasons and the issuance of “master” keys has been restricted.(this is a departure from previous practice where one key opened most doors on a floor).
  4. Replacement of closet area locks with “storage locksets” for better security of these areas and materials found within them.
  5. All 15 exterior doors are to be secured with “restricted” keys and cylinders which can only be duplicated by the locksmith who installed them (all but 2 of these doors have been completed)
  6. Construction of a “man trap” door set in the main entrance hall of the school. This door provides additional security by forcing a visitor who has been “buzzed in” to sign in at the “window” (and to make sure this person “is” who they are representing themselves to be) before being allowed to be buzzed through into the main school area. The “man trap” door is a double door with transparent glass sidelights and transom, but all glass is “laminated”. The “laminated” glass prevents an intruder from simply smashing his way through the glass door or sidelights. Laminated glass stays in the frame and doesn’t fall out like safety glass does.
  7. Security system monitor and recording system: A monitor and computer has been set up in school office/Principal’s office to access all cameras and to see who is trying to be admitted to the school
  8. Continuous recording system of all cameras for a minimum of two weeks with search capabilities and ability to export video clips
  9. Remote monitoring of cameras through the internet and smart phone
  10. Approximately 15 cameras for monitoring with approximately 4 outdoor cameras and 11 inside