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From the Desk of the Principal: April Newsletter

04-01-2017Mrs. Kimberly Stevenson

Lent concludes with the Holy Triduum, which is one liturgical observance spread over three days.

Holy Thursday (April 13) celebrates the day when Christ instituted the Eucharist, anticipating the events of Good Friday, but only after he had washed the feet of his disciples, demonstrating that a life of service, not domination, is the hallmark of those called to "feed His sheep" (John 21:17).

Good Friday is when Jesus is crucified. It is called "good," because Christ offers his body and blood on the cross to make things right again between humanity and God in light of our sinfulness. He dies to redeem us all. He is the perfect sacrifice which brings salvation to the whole world. He is placed in a tomb, which is sealed with a heavy stone, demonstrating that he had indeed died, so that God's power could be clearly recognized by those who believe.

Holy Saturday/Easter begins with the service of light, beginning with the lighting of the fire, symbolizing the light that Christ brings to us all. Those seeking full communion or entrance into the Catholic Church receive full initiation through Baptism, Confirmation, and reception of the Eucharist.

Our children have begun their Lenten journey at school by receiving ashes, attending Reconciliation, Stations of the Cross, Lenten Retreat, and participating in the Seder Meal. The Lenten journey is almost complete; please help them to continue on this journey by attending the Holy Week services on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Easter is a time of great joy in the Church as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His victory over death.

I would like to wish all of the families at Holy Trinity School the blessings of Our Risen Lord!