Uniform Exchange Program

The Uniform Exchange Program is a service that Holy Trinity School offers to all who attend the school. Using the uniform exchange is a great way to clothe your child in a previously worn uniform attire at no cost. Here is a brief overview of how the program is set up to function:

  1. Gently used uniforms are turned into the school.
  2. All pieces are inspected, inventoried, and cataloged.
  3. Parents browse the catalog for pieces needed.
  4. Requests are made and items will be sent home with your child.

It is not necessary to have an exchange in order to use the Uniform Exchange. Donations of gently used uniforms are what keep this program running.

Please use the Uniform Exchange form to obtain uniform. (Please see link to the right) and send it to the office marked attention Christina Nagel.

Items you request will be sent home with your child within 1­2 business days. If items do not fit your needs, please return them to the school and they will be placed back in available inventory.

The Uniform Exchange operates on a first come/first serve basis. We do our very best.

However, we cannot guarantee availability of all items. If an item is not available, your request is placed on a waiting list. You will be sent the item when and if it becomes available.

All uniform requests must be in writing, please remember to add your email address in the event we might have questions.

There will be a few exchange dates throughout the year which will be announced later.