Curriculum Summary


We as educators believe the purpose of a Catholic education is to educate the whole person within the family and their community.  We hope to provide our kindergarten with a balanced academic and spiritual education which will be a strong foundation for them to become life long learners.

Language Arts

A unique program that motivates children to read through the use of Superkids characters whose activities and adventures keep them motivated with songs, stories, and surprises.

Classroom Textbooks & Materials
The Rowland Reading Program

What Your Child Will Learn
Superkids teaches all aspects of reading including:
Mechanics of writing
Oral and written expression


Our students become self directed learners familiar with approaching complex problems with inventiveness and flexibility.  Through the use of manipulative, mental math, technology, individual and whole group instruction as well as progress monitoring, our students will enhance their understanding to think accurately in abstract situations using the fundamental logic and unity of mathematical thought. 

Classroom Textbooks & Materials
Progress in Mathematics, Sadlier-Oxford

What Your Child Will Learn
Classification, position, and patterns
Counting, oral and visual recognition of numbers 0 – 100
Writing numerals
Addition and subtraction


The Catholic faith is the center of our school and Holy Trinity family.  Our Catholic teaching fosters the unification of the many aspects of the child – spiritual, moral, religious, and intellectual.  We discuss and develop out relationship with God, our family, out friends, and our community.

Classroom Textbooks & Materials
We Believe, Sadlier

What Your Child Will Learn
Discussion and understanding of Christ's Good News to us.  'We are good, We are special, God loves us'.
Reverence for church and rudimentary understanding of the Mass
Celebrations of the Church's holidays and religious seasons
Expressing our love of God through actions
Reverence of the Blessed Mother


Children of this age will explore the world and the relationship of the world to his/her life.  Children will follow a discovery and problem solving approach based on their experiences. 

Classroom Textbooks & Materials
Science, Scott Foresman

What Your Child Will Learn
Needs of plants and animals
Growing and changing
Land, water, air
Weather and the seasons
How things move
How things work

Social Studies

Upon entering our school our children begin to realize their role in the community.  The life of a kindergarten child is centered around home, family and their neighborhood.  In kindergarten social studies, we introduce the children to people and the customs of the community and that of our country. 

Classroom Textbooks & Materials
Friends and Neighbors, McGraw-Hill

What Your Child Will Learn
Location skills
Introduction to the study of maps and globes
Following directions by listening
Developing group participation skills
Awareness of people and our local and national government
Respecting our American heritage
Developing an awareness of the interdependence of all people

Special Projects/Events
Publishing books through  Nationwide learning
Easter Egg project – reflect on Jesus' journey (death and resurrection)
Planting seeds
Taking part in fun and educational days (Dr. Seuss, Pancake Day, Dental Health month etc.)
Field trips