Tuition Information

Holy Trinity Catholic School Tuition for the 2019-2020 School Year

Tuition rates are set yearly by the parish and each spring parents sign a tuition contract for the following year. The contract states each family’s total tuition bill and allows parents a choice of payment plans. A nominal fee and a contract with a tuition management company are necessary for installment payments. There is a $75.00 non-refundable registration fee per family.

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Annual Tuition

No. of Children Cumulative
Catholic Rate*
Catholic Rate
Per Child*
Cumulative NonCatholic
Non- Catholic Rate
Per Child
1 $4,635 $4,635 $6,045 $6,045
2 $7,415 $2,780 $10,050 $4,005
3 or more $8,495 $1,080 $13,650 $3,600
1/2 Day K $2,615 $2,615 N/A $3,325

*Catholic rates are contingent on receipt of a completed Pastor Verification form for families who are not members

Preschool Annual Tuition

Age Number of Days Full or Half-day Cost Rate if other
enrolled in HTS
3 year old 2 days/week Half-day $1,690 $1,640
3 year old 2 days/week Full-day $2,560 $2,510
4 year old 3 days/week Half-day $1,960 $1,910
4 year old 3 days/week Full-day $2,940 $2,840
4 year old 5 days/week Full-day $4,395 $4,295


K-8th grade and Preschool Tuition Payment Options

There are two options for tuition payment at Holy Trinity Catholic School.

  1. Annual payment of entire tuition paid directly to the school by August 30, 2019. Please note:
    • Families who make their annual payment on or before August 14, 2019 will receive a 2% discount.
    • Families making their entire tuition payment in August and choosing to Buyout their Fundraising and Volunteer Obligations must make their Fundraising Buyout and Volunteer Buyout payments by August 30, 2019. 2% discount does not apply to the Buyouts.
    • Any non-tuition fees or balances that become past due by 30 days will be added to the existing tuition accounts for the 2019-2020 year. This can include Extended Day Fees, Buyout Fees, Returned Check Fees, Cafeteria Fees, Library Fees, damaged Nook fees, partially met Fundraising or Volunteering fees for those not electing to Buyout, as well as any other fees that may be assessed.
  2. SMART Tuition payments (see frequency choices below)
    • Monthy
    • Quarterly*
    • Semi-annually*

*Quarterly or Semi-annual payment plans are only available for K-8 students or families with both Preschool and K-8 students.

Families electing to make their tuition payments via SMART (who are not already enrolled), please note:

  • A completed SMART Tuition agreement must be completed and submitted with your Admission application
  • There is a one-time $50.00 administrative fee charged by SMART and it will be added to the first payment. Only one fee will be charged per family regardless of the number of students enrolled.

The SMART payment methods are as follows:

  • Automatic payment from bank account or via a credit card
  • Online payment
  • Payment by telephone
  • Payment by mail (invoices will be sent instead of coupons)

All families participating in SMART will receive invoices via email. Those who pay by mail will receive paper invoices as well.

If your payment is not received by SMART on the due date, your account will be charged $30.00.