Cafeteria Rules

HTS Tigers are...


  • Follow adult directions the FIRST time
  • ACT respectful to lunch servers, recess duty supervisors and in the lunch line
  • NO shouting or rude/disrespectful behavior


  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself (that also means: NO throwing food)
  • Eat only YOUR own food; do not share food
  • Ask permission to leave your table or go to the restroom by raising your hand
  • WALK in the cafeteria & hallways at all times (NO playing, running, or ball bouncing)


  • SIT at the lunch tables to eat your lunch - no one is to leave their table area once seated without permission
  • Clean-Up your table area. ALL TRASH must be picked up & thrown away.
  • Line up quietly for dismissal when directed by your teacher or the assigned person for dismissal