Athletic Programs

Most sports are offered at all levels, beginning with instructional teams in the primary grades and continuing with separate boys' and girls' developmental, junior varsity, and varsity teams at upper levels.

We host a large boys basketball summer league, which covers most of fund raising efforts across all sports. Other fund raising is provided through refreshments sold at games and tournaments. The Athletic Association holds organizational meetings monthly during the school year.

Current sports and athletic activities offered at Holy Trinity include:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Track
  • Cheerleading/Pep Squad

All of these activities are school sponsored and involve students from Holy Trinity School.

All sports programs are the responsibility of the Principal. The President of the Athletic Association is accountable to the Principal. Coaches are selected by the Athletic Association, approved by the Principal and serve on a volunteer basis. The Diocesan Guidelines for Elementary Catholic School Sports Programs guide the policies. Bylaws of the Athletic Association are made available to all parents on this website.

See the Athletic Association page for more information and forms.