Our Mission / Values

Holy Trinity Catholic School Mission Statement

The administration, faculty, and staff of Holy Trinity Catholic School embrace each child enrolled at our school as a unique creation of God with spiritual, intellectual, and social needs and gifts.

We instill in our students the teachings of the Catholic Church, which are rooted in the Gospel, and model these teachings by forming authentic relationships with parents, faculty, staff, parishioners, and others in our community.

We empower our students to become active and creative 21st century learners equipped with skills to thrive in today’s changing world.

We imbue them with a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and nurture them to be advocates for Catholic social teaching according to the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

Belief Statements

  • We believe all people are children of God, unique, and therefore are treated with dignity and respect.
  • We believe our school inspires students to grow in their commitment of service to God and others.
  • We believe our clergy, teachers, administrators, parents, and community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.
  • We believe that students’ everyday successes and work ethic should be celebrated.
  • We believe that providing opportunities for students and teachers to gather in worship and prayer in communion with the Church is vital to the students’ spiritual development.
  • We believe our Catholic school provides a safe, structured, positive learning environment for each child.
  • We believe all children deserve a quality education, in which individual needs are met and enriched.
  • We believe providing a quality Catholic education will inspire our students to become critical well-rounded thinkers who are lifelong learners.

Profile of a Graduate

It is our goal that a graduate of Holy Trinity Catholic School will act in a Christ-like manner, explore an intellectual environment, and develop a social conscience.

Spiritual Values: A graduate will demonstrate the quality of spiritual values by continuing to:

  1. Remain an active participant in Mass and the Sacraments.
  2. Continue to build a deeper spiritual relationship with God.
  3. Advocate for the tenets of the Catholic Church.
  4. Show compassion and respect for all.

 Intellectual Values: A graduate will demonstrate the quality of intellectual values by continuing to:

  1. Meet the challenges of a rigorous curriculum.
  2. Utilize current technologies to collaborate, create, and communicate in the diverse, global, and technological society.
  3. Approach life with an active curiosity and remain a lifelong learner.
  4. Embrace academic adversity as an opportunity to grow.

Social Values: A graduate will demonstrate the quality of social values by continuing to:

  1. Exhibit citizenship through maturity and respectable character.
  2. Act as role models in the community.
  3. Serve the school, church, and community through volunteer work.

Be a well-rounded individual by participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Vision Statement / Department for Catholic Schools

The Vision for the Department for Catholic Schools is to promote and to sustain Catholic Schools of unparalleled quality, which integrate faith into every aspect of life and culture, producing graduates who continually strive for human and Christian perfection.